Exclusive Interview With Male Model and Influencer Of The Month- Pavol Kováč.

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Meet Pavol Kováč, His style can be described as a contemporary mix of casual, and street style, He is an amazing model and Instagram influencer/personality. He uses his platform to inspire others through his photos, captions, and personality.
We had the pleasure of interviewing Fashion Model Pavol Kováč and in this interview, he talks about his life and experiences as a model and how the pandemic changed his life.
Photographer Miroslav Očovský captured the amazing male model Pavol Kováč, exclusively for OTSMAGAZINE UK Interview.
Photography|Miroslav Očovský
Please fully introduce yourself to our readers, telling us more about you and your personal lifestyle.
My name is Pavol. I´m a man with traditional values. I would describe myself as a realistic and warm person with great deliberation but still with the soul of a boy.  
How would you say the global pandemic affected you personally, emotionally, and professionally?
The pandemic affected many people. I finally managed to slow down a bit and had time to organize my inner world and set life priorities. I realized that everything I have is relative and there is nothing I can underestimate. Professionally, I became aware of risks and adjusted my lifestyle so that I was in balance.
Your beard has become famous in its own right. Was it always part of your overall look or did you grow it and groom it to stand out in the industry?
Honestly, my beard was not always so grown but one day I was inspired by a picture I found on the internet and so I tried to switch to this style. I've been wearing it this way ever since and it's become an essential part of my style.
Becoming a model really introduces one major condition into your life which is “Consistency”, Do you think this theory is accurate or not?
I think consistency goes hand in hand with one´s attempt to be an accomplished and satisfied person. Tenacity, adapting to the trend and adapting to changes, that´s what is required.
Photography|Miroslav Očovský
Your photos on social media are unique and outstanding, who is your favorite photographer to work with, and do you engage in photography yourself?
I personally don´t take photos. I have already met several photographers, but I´m currently working with a photographer who can feel my personality as it really is.  It is extremely important to find a person who can capture and describe you as best as possible. I think I succeeded in this.
Okay, I have got to ask and this is for the ladies; have you always been aware of your appeal? And how often do you get told that you have a stricken resemblance to the actor "Chris Hemsworth" or even his brother "Liam Hemsworth"?
I´ve experienced this several times, but I am who I am. I would prefer to be perceived as an individual person, not be equated with idols. But I am very flattered, of course.
I am completely inspired by that response and blown away by your mindset, I always tell people -it's better to be the real you than pretend to be something they are not, I feel your response will really stand out to our reader. May I ask who or what inspires you daily?
Inspiration is all around us. We just need to be perceptive and see it. If you combine inspiration with creativity, then yes, you are on the right track.
Photography|Miroslav Očovský
What is your philosophy? And what favorite quote of yours helps keep you grounded and focused when life brings challenges your way?
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" or "The greatest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." These quotes say it all.
Do you think that the fashion industry is opening up the spectrum for the ideal image of a male model, and do you think this has engaged a wider audience of everyday men?
If that were the case, there would be no room for progress. Fashion must move forward and become a part of everyday life. It underlines the personality of the wearer. It is a tool of self-presentation. There is no ideal pattern for this, but fashion trends are important. They characterize the time we live, and the stages of our lives. Basically, everything which makes one feel and look good is nice.
Photography|Miroslav Očovský Model|Pavol Kováč
What do you consider the most common stereotype about male models?
A stereotype? I think when people see a male model, they think they are stupid, not skilled, and don´t know how to work at all. Simply said that modeling is the only thing they are able to do.
You are right, and I can firmly say that is not the case because I have had the blessing of interviewing many male models and they are all individually amazing, I feel people should never judge a book by its cover. What 3 things does anyone starting as an Influencer need to know?
Being an influencer involves sacrificing a lot of free time. You have to consistently create new content and be persistent. People will say negative things to you, but don't be discouraged. It´s also important to perceive trends and constantly learn about changes in social networks.
If you could start all over again, what would you do differently?
Well, there is nothing I would do differently. Everything is as it should be. Every experience brings you to where you are now.
Where do you find your inspiration and how do you apply it to your own personal style?
Inspiration is everywhere. Family, friends, media, Pinterest.
Where do you see the future of influencer marketing?
Well, I think that everything is relative. Anyway, I can see mine. The influencer presents other brands most of the time. And I'm preparing my brand. I´m putting all my effort into it now.
Photography|Miroslav Očovský 
You tend to trend a lot on Instagram, how does it feel to be popular?
I have to admit  I don't feel it that much. I´m still the same person as before, and it´s important to keep your feet on the ground. I have never had a tendency to judge people, basically, I think that everyone is exceptional at something.
Gosh, you are amazing! Thanks for saying that.
Who would you look to for inspiration when you feel low?
When I feel miserable, I try to throw negative thoughts away by doing sports and spending time in nature. Sport is a perfect way to find balance. It can declutter your mind and produce endorphins. That helps me a lot.
How important is personal branding in your profession and what do you do to grow your platform?
It is important, just like other products and I am actually a product too. But as I mentioned before, I am creating my own brand. For me, this is a logical way one can progress.
What advice would you give other men who have become interested in being fashion models, Instagram personalities, or influencers?
Definitely don't expect things to be easy. You have to pay attention to the quality, be dedicated to work, be creative, careful, always polite, and follow trends.
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