Primark Launches Capsule Collection in Partnership with Girls Aloud.

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Primark x Girls Aloud.
In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Primark has announced a partnership with Cheryl, Kimberley, Nadine and Nicola from Girls Aloud to create a capsule range of nightwear in honor of their bandmate Sarah Harding, who died from breast cancer in September 2021. The exclusive collection, styled by Harry Lambert, will feature a nightshirt and pajamas designed alongside all four women. The pajamas are available in all U.K. and Ireland stores. 
Primark x Girls Aloud -Cheryl 
It was Sarah’s wish to fund vital research into breast cancer, therefore Primark will be supporting Cancer Research U.K. and The Christie Charitable Fund through the sales of the capsule range. 
The partnership is part of Primark’s wider Breast Cancer Awareness campaign in which it has pledged a total of £750,000 toward research. Earlier this month, it launched its Specialist Breast Cancer Collection, co-designed with the charity, Breast Cancer Now, and people who have been impacted by breast cancer. 
Primark x Girls Aloud -Nadine
The money raised through this partnership will help fund a research project by Dr Sasha Howell, Sarah’s doctor at The Christie – the specialist cancer center in Manchester where Harding was treated. This research will explore how women like Sarah, who don’t fall into the at-risk category, can be better identified, and have their cancer detected earlier when treatment is more likely to be successful. 
“Research is incredibly important in the fight against cancer,” said Harding before her death. “My doctor Sacha Howell at The Christie is currently working on a crucial new project. It looks at women in my age group who have no family history of cancer and how the risk of these women getting cancer can be identified and tackled early. This project is incredibly close to my heart as it may help women like me in the future. Research is the only way we will ever have a future without cancer.” 
Primark x Girls Aloud - Nicola
“Sarah spoke to me many times about breast cancer research and was keen for more to be done to find out why some young women are diagnosed when they have no other family members affected by the disease,” says Dr. Howell. We want to find out why young women in their 30s like Sarah might develop breast cancer so we can more accurately identify people with a higher risk and improve their chances of survival.”
Primark x Girls Aloud- Kimberley
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