Valentino Unveils it's Pink PP Campaign for Fall 2022 Featuring Zendaya and Lewis Hamilton.

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 Valentino recently unveiled its Pink PP advertising campaign for fall 2022 , fronted by two international talents and friends of the house: Zendaya and Sir Lewis Hamilton — both wearing pink and photographed posing in an all-around pink set.
Valentino Unveils It's Pink PP Campaign Featuring Zendaya
The actress, singer, dancer, and activist has been fronting several Valentino campaigns, first tapped by Piccioli in December 2020, attending some of the designer’s shows and wearing the brand on the red carpet.

“One color, bold, strong, fluid, extravagant, one color to summarize everything I like in fashion and everything that I choose to represent: the liberation from the ordinary, a space to be oneself, a loud symbol for equality and love,” said creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli.
Zendaya for Valentino Pink PP Campaign
For the brand’s fall campaign, Michael Bailey Gates photographed Zendaya in a monochromatic space, wearing pink head-to-toe, a peplum minidress accessorized with sky-high platform boots, a stud bag and gloves. A sense of movement comes from another image, where she appears in a deconstructed pantsuit — again, all in pink.
Zendaya is featured in Valentino Pink PP Campaign collection
The designer stripped the palette to a single hue, identifying it as the color of love, community, energy and freedom. “The idea of Pink as a barrier breaker was born long ago. With my work I must be able to tell and share my values through one single picture and I wanted to apply the same paradigm to one color,” Piccioli explained. “As a consequence,, it was almost natural to me to look (and find) something that could embrace the need for expression and representation of a new and liberated humanity. I chose Zendaya and Lewis for the PINK PP for the same reason I created this color, beautiful souls that use their voice and talent to unify, integrate, build.”
Lewis Hamilton for Valentino Pink PP Campaign
The campaign also features Sir Lewis Hamilton.
The seven-time Formula One World Champion has often been photographed in the brand’s designs, and he is now the first Valentino menswear DI.VAs for the Valentino Pink PP advertising campaign, as reported.

DI.VAs stands for different values, in sync with Piccioli‘s endorsement of inclusivity, civil rights and support of diversity.
Lewis Hamilton for Valentino Pink PP Campaign
For the campaign, Hamilton, wearing a pink cape-jacket over loose pink pants and pink sneakers, was photographed by Nicolas Kern, looking down at a can of pink paint and with a paintbrush in his left hand, as if he himself were responsible for the handwritten manifesto behind him that spells out: “Still I Rise.”
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