Swarovski Unveils Tiara for the 2023 Vienna Opera Ball.

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The Vienna Opera Ball, one of the oldest and most renowned cultural events on the Austrian calendar, will return in 2023 after a two-year break due to the pandemic, and Swarovski has unveiled the tiara it created for the occasion.
Swarovski Unveils Tiara for the 2023 Vienna Opera Ball.
The jewellery that each of the 144 debutantes will wear when they are introduced to Austrian society on February 16 at the storied Vienna State Opera was made by Swarovski, a longtime partner of the ball.

The Swarovski Stella jewellery line served as the inspiration for this year's tiara, which nods to the famed star-shaped gems of the Austrian Empress Sissi. A central star with a dancing stone is encircled by a constellation of shooting stars in each of the 435 pure crystal pieces.

Swarovski’s creative director Giovanna Engelbert said she “wanted to create a piece that reflects the beauty of this partnership” with the Vienna Opera Ball.

“This year’s design is rooted in Austrian heritage with an uplifting sense of magic. The Sparkling Dance stone that seems to float magically in its center is a spellbinding reminder to always wish upon a star and believe in your hopes and dreams,” said Engelbert.

“The tiaras that Swarovski has created for decades for the Vienna Opera Ball are a symbol of the unique savoir-faire that is at the heart of our creations and a testament to a century-long heritage of Swarovski history. This decades-long partnership unites two icons of Austrian culture in a display of beauty, creativity and elegance,” echoed the company’s chief executive officer Alexis Nasard.
Swarovski Unveils Tiara for the 2023 Vienna Opera Ball.
With its origins dating back to 1935, the society event is one of the oldest balls in the world and the most glamorous among the more than 450 balls filling the Viennese calendar. It annually gathers around 5,000 guests at Wien’s 1860s opera house but it reaches a bigger audience thanks to TV broadcasting.

The ball’s traditional dress code has the young debutantes donning a white gown and long white gloves — in addition to a sparkly tiara — while parading hand-in-hand with male escorts in a black suit and tailcoat.

In the past, a series of fashion designers also have been called on to collaborate with Swarovski on the creation of the annual jewelry piece, including Karl Lagerfeld in 2017, Dolce & Gabbana in 2018, Versace in 2019 and French couturier Christian Lacroix for the 2020 edition of the ball.

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