A Conversation with Virtual Fashion Model 'Moonsick' On Feminism, Inclusivity, Equality and Female Empowerment.

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Seeing Virtual Models like "MOONSICK" are becoming more and more common as the fashion industry goes digital. These virtual models or humans as we like to call them provide brands a unique chance to present their goods freshly and creatively.

MOONSICK in our opinion is unique, she has become a social media sensation because of her distinctive look, sense of style, and interpersonal skills. She has demonstrated to us how virtual models may completely transform the fashion business. We should anticipate seeing more virtual models as we head towards a more digitally advanced future.

Her success is also attributed to her ability to build a strong relationship with her followers. Every day, she posts images and videos on Instagram about her hobbies and personal fashion style. Her followers adore her for her relatability and authenticity. Even though she is virtual, she doesn't hesitate to show off her personality, sense of humour, and how brazenly she identifies as a transgender female.

She speaks with us briefly and gives her thoughts on a variety of issues, including the value of promoting women's empowerment and inclusivity. She imagines a world in which everyone is treated equally and with respect, a world that has a feeling of community and access to equal possibilities.
Trans-Virtual Fashion Model 'Moonsick' On Feminism, Inclusivity and Women Empowerment.
It’s a pleasure to meet you. Tell us about yourself and your Personal Style?
I am Laverne, also known as MOON. I’m an Afro-Latina trans woman from New York, I’m 22, and I love fashion. My personal style can be anything, depending on my mood. I like dressing feminine, masculine, both, and neither. I like comfy and casual. I like bold and uncomfortable. Anything for fashion. My personal style is fluid.
What is the inspiration behind your brand name “MOONSICK”?
Homesick + Moon = MOONSICK. Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong here. I want to go home, meaning, back to the moon. 
What was your introduction to feminism?
As a kid, I grew up with a lot of important women in my life. I was raised by women. I listen to music made by women. I had amazing female history teachers in middle school and high school. Women inspire me to be better and to work ten times harder for what I want. Right now I’m studying for a business degree.
What do you want your legacy to be?
Kindness. I want my legacy to be that I made at least one person’s day better.
How big a role does fashion play in your life?
Fashion is how I discovered myself. I am transgender. Fashion is a language. Other fashionistas know exactly what I mean. Clothes allow me to tell a story without saying a word. Leather makes me feel tough and polished. Lace makes me feel fragile and beautiful.
Trans-Virtual Fashion Model 'Moonsick' On Feminism, Inclusivity and Women Empowerment.
Is there a moment or time you remember first feeling like you might be transgender?
My mom said my first steps were in heels. I lived my entire childhood as a girl, but I found out about the LGBT community when I was 15. Fortunately, I had a supportive therapist and a supportive parent. I started my medical and legal transition when I was 16.
What do you wish more people understood about you as an empowered Trans Queen?
Thank you for the compliment. I wish more people understood that no matter how hard you try to tear me down, the damage is already done. I already transitioned, it’s too late to hate. This is who I am. Take it or leave it.
If you could say something to your younger self, what would it be and why?
Buckle up, because the impossible is possible.
Where is America when it comes to the acceptance of Trans people?
The transgender community in America is still at risk of hate crime, violence, and death. In 2023, according to the Human Rights Campaign, at least 31 trans and non-conforming people were killed. In America, many people believe guns are more valuable than human life. Long story short, we have a long way to go.
What is your response to people who have fought against trans-friendly laws and
Karma has everybody’s address and a motherf*cking stamp.
Do you feel you inspire others through your platform?
Yes, I do. I want to inspire others to love themselves and to be themselves. I know we live in the age of TikTok and trends, but please just do what feels most authentic to you. I’m also a human being. I am flawed and that is okay. When I log off, it’s just me. When I’m not creating 3D content, I’m just Laverne. Behind the screen, I’m just a business student who loves fashion. 
Trans-Virtual Fashion Model 'Moonsick' On Feminism, Inclusivity and Women Empowerment.
What is your favorite fashion trend at the moment?
I love color. I also love metallic fashion. Anything shiny, and colorful.
Do you feel like you have a signature style as a digital creator?
My signature is my teal hair. However, I do like to change a lot. I’m a chameleon, and I like to keep people guessing. So, who knows? Maybe tomorrow will be pink hair.
What is your definition of self-love? And in what way do you think the Metaverse can help boost this feeling or mindset for its users?
Self-love is celebrating every part of you, including the bad. For example, all my life I’ve been bullied because of my hair texture and my big nose. As I get older, I have learned to love my flaws. I don’t think there is anything wrong with having curly hair, and a big nose. I was born this way. It’s not a flaw if I embrace it. That’s why my 3D model also has a big nose. I never want to lose touch with reality. That, to me, is self-love.
Who or what inspires you in life generally?
What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others?
I like to think I’m kind, intuitive, and open-minded.
Where do you see yourself in the fashion influencer scene?
I’m just being me. I’m grateful for any flowers I’ve received, but there’s nothing to it. I’m just being me. I think everyone should be celebrated for being their authentic self. Wear clothes that make you happy. Wear clothes that last. Don’t let trends force you to be something you’re not for 5 minutes. Just be you.
Can metaverse platforms have a positive impact on self-confidence and relationships?
When used correctly, yes. I think it’s a good outlet for expressing yourself, but with everything, it is always good to take breaks and rest. Everything Is good in moderation. I’ve made some great friends in this community. Just be safe and trust your gut.
Is expressing individuality through digital avatars becoming more important than doing so in real life for GenZ?
Right now, we are living through a recession, and uncertain times. Accessibility is a challenge for Gen Z. Not everyone has access to the clothes they want to wear in real life. In the digital world, we have access to anything we want, because we can 3D create anything we want. When it comes to expressing yourself, there are many mediums, or ways, to do it. There’s music, painting, and 3D modeling. I use it as a medium. I will say that expressing yourself in real life is important. Confidence and self-awareness are something we should all practice, online and offline. Reality should always be a priority. 
The metaverse can wait.
Define sustainable concepts nowadays in the fashion industry in five words.
Innovative, Quality, Long-lasting, Memorable, and Accessible.
What is your personal definition of Female Empowerment and how do you think you empower others through your platform?
Female empowerment is supporting the women around you. Giving women a shoulder to lean on. Helping each other instead of hating each other. Coming together in times of need. If you’re a man, let the women in your life have the mic for once. Be able to listen. Let women’s voices be heard.
I feel it is a conundrum for women who are confident, ambitious, powerful, or are in positions of leadership to be seen as unlikeable, how can women be accepted and respected as leaders?
People must understand that leadership comes in all forms. Leadership is not a quality that only belongs to men. Anyone can be a leader. Women are all different, but we all share one thing: Female intuition. Maternal instincts. Sometimes we just KNOW when something is wrong. Leadership is the answer.
Trans-Virtual Fashion Model 'Moonsick' On Feminism, Inclusivity and Women Empowerment.
I think that this entire discussion is frequently misconstrued as a men-against-women debate, as though it were a competition. Why is it vital that women continue to support the feminist movement?
Feminism is about the equality of the sexes. Therefore, both men and women should be seen as equals. We are both leaders, both hardworking, both emotional beings, both deserving of being loved. It is okay to be emotional, to have feelings, to need an ear when you feel lost. Regardless of your gender. We are human beings and sometimes it’s okay to just be human. It doesn’t make you weak. We have nothing to prove to anyone. We must stop feeling like we need to “prove” our masculinity and our femininity. We are good enough, the case is closed. We are all together in our humanity.
What advice would you give on having the courage to speak up?
Please speak up. Whenever you feel something is wrong, vocalize it. Someone will listen. Someone will agree. You are not alone. Even when society doesn’t sound promising, never lose hope.
In your opinion, What would a feminist future look like? What are some of the main ones?
A feminist future looks like men asking for help without shame. Men being vulnerable and communicating in a clear and healthy way. A feminist future looks like women’s ideas being taken seriously. Women’s voices being heard. Women receiving credit for their work. The challenge is the agreement. Everyone wants to agree on different things, for different people. We must stop that. We must come together, and agree on one thing, for ALL of us, and not just some of us.
Trans-Virtual Fashion Model 'Moonsick' On Feminism, Inclusivity and Women Empowerment.
Why are more men not on board with this idea of feminism as common sense?
Hate is taught; By parents, and friends too. You are the company you keep. If you’re around terrible people, you will become a terrible person. Please be open-minded. Remember, it’s okay to change your mind and change your surroundings.
Can you talk a bit about the backlash that we are seeing against women’s rights and LGBTI people’s rights around the world?
Hate is taught. Wars fuel hate. End all wars.
Have you seen a significant change in people’s receptivity to feminist progress?
I think as I get older, society has become more self-aware. That is a good thing. I have hope.
Feminism has taken on an increasingly bitter and angry tone, with the usual justification being that there has been a backlash in the media. There must be some truth to that.
The textbook definition of feminism is the equality of the sexes. I only live by the textbook definition. Any other interpretation is just an interpretation.
Anything else you’d like to add
Thank you so much for this opportunity.
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