Exclusive: An Insightful Interview with Fashion model Carly Childers Shot By Daria Valiguras.

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Fashion Model of the Month Carly Childers is the face of OTS Magazine's July 2024 Diversity cover issue. The cover was shot by previously featured photographer and creative director, Daria Valiguras, and styled by Ester Gattuso, with makeup artist and hair stylist Julia Grabina.

The Miami-based premiere fashion and PR agency "Confessional Showroom" sponsored a number of the accessories and designs that the model was dressed in, such as; Haleia, Mirimari, Heike, and Misayo. She was also styled in other designs from Casadei, Shymi, Banana Legion, and Le Silla.

During her enlightening chat with us, she talked about her love for modelling and her goal to use her career as a model to significantly improve people's lives, she wants to be the perfect definition of a 'role model'.

Read her insightful interview below...
My name is Carly Childers. I come from a big family in Louisville, Kentucky. Growing up, my parents encouraged my sister & I to try all kinds of sports and hobbies, but I always gravitated towards anything fashion/beauty-related. Before modeling, I worked at salons at the front desk & eventually management. During this time I was modeling with local brands and photographers all trying to build our portfolios. I then moved to New York to start modeling, where I signed with Bicoastal Management. A year later, I signed with Natural Models in Los Angeles. Now I’m modeling full-time, living the dream. 

How and when did you discover you had a passion for modelling?
I’ve loved fashion for as long as I can remember. It was no surprise I wanted to model - I loved taking photos, hosting pretend fashion shows for my family, & Bratz “Passion for Fashion.” My Grandma got me into modeling when I was 12 for a small agency in Louisville, but I started taking modeling more seriously as a career option around 6 years ago. 

How old were you when you developed freckles and did you know what it was straight away?
As soon as I started spending time in the sun. I’ve always had freckles, my whole family does, so I’ve always recognized what they are. 

What was life like growing up with freckles?
Sunscreen all the time! A lot of my family members also have freckles & red hair. Our skin is very sensitive to the sun, so we’re constantly reapplying sunscreen. Everyone should - protect your skin!! 

I love freckles. I think they are beautiful and give one a unique look, but what are your views on how important is it to educate and possibly change people’s perception of freckles through one's platform?
Thank you! I love them too. I think there is a negative perception that freckles are damage to the skin, but they are areas with increased melanin from sun exposure. Freckles are literally our skin’s natural protection from UV rays. However, I think it’s important that everyone uses sunscreen to prevent sun damage, like melanoma. This is something I promote with my platform & will continue to encourage! 
Exclusive: An Insightful Interview with Fashion model Carly Childers Shot By Daria Valiguras.

What advice would you offer to other aspiring models who wish to set their own style and not be like everyone else?
Wear what makes you feel confident. You don’t have to fit any certain aesthetic or trend. We get to experiment with fashion and the stylists on set, so pay attention to what you like/don’t like from them & apply it to your own closet. You’ll inevitably create a personal & unique style.

What are the difficulties you have experienced due to having freckles and how do you navigate through life without letting it hold you back?
When I was younger, I was not so confident about my freckles. Kids can be mean, I definitely got a lot of hateful comments from peers in school. I always got compliments from adults in my life, but at that age, that’s not what mattered to me. I’ve grown to love my freckles and love the fact that they make me feel uniquely beautiful. 

Would you like to challenge any prejudices regarding freckles or any other skin condition?
As I previously mentioned, there is a misconception that freckles are a result of damage from the sun, which is not the case. This leads people to have negative opinions towards them. There is nothing wrong with “imperfections” on your skin - having freckles or any other skin condition makes your skin unique. Embrace being original.

What advice would you give someone struggling to find comfort in their skin due to freckles or other very noticeable skin conditions?
Individuality is beautiful! There will always be a look that people consider “conventionally attractive,” but there is peace in loving yourself as is & not trying to form your appearance to whatever is popular at the time. It’s all a matter of opinion. The only person that lives in your skin is yourself, so don’t let other people decide you how to feel about it. 
Exclusive: An Insightful Interview with Fashion model Carly Childers Shot By Daria Valiguras.

In your own words please describe your style as a model?
My style as far as clothing has become fairly simple. My tattoos, hair, & freckles are a part of my style, so I love to work around that & have fun with my accessories. 

Do you remember your first experience in front of the Camera?
Yes, my first photoshoot was very memorable. I was modeling on a farm with 2 other girls for a photographer that was working on her senior project. Since the models were under 18, we all had our parents with us as well as the farm owner. After a while of shooting, we walked down to their creek where the photographer wanted to hang a rocking horse from a tree branch hanging over the water, which was shallow/rocky, not to mention the tree was very old. Everyone agreed it was too dangerous, which resulted in tears and an abrupt end to the photoshoot. The shots we were able to get turned out amazing & I still love the photos. 

How big a role does modeling play in your life?
I’m very fortunate that modeling is my job. It takes up most of my time & plays a huge role in my life. 

Who or what is your biggest motivation in life?
My biggest motivation in life is to be a good role model. I am so proud of my little sister, I’ve learned so much from being her sister. I want to lead by example for her and others to always put forward the best version of yourself, be authentic, & be kind. 

What Would You Consider the Most Important Components of Your Style? And Do You Feel You Have A Signature Style as a model?
My style has evolved so much in the last few years. The main component of my closet is classic, well-made staple items. I’ve simplified my style & found that I love to show off my tattoos and hair as the look. With quality staples, it’s so easy to be versatile & add accessories to showcase your personality.
Exclusive: An Insightful Interview with Fashion model Carly Childers Shot By Daria Valiguras.
If you could change one thing about the fashion and modeling industry, what would it be? What would you improve?
I would love to see steps towards being more eco-friendly. The fashion industry contributes to an estimated 10% of global carbon emissions. To become more sustainable companies need to produce less waste and source recyclable materials. As the consumer, we can also help - buying second-hand, donating instead of discarding, re-purposing items, & taking care of our items. Overall being less wasteful. 

What is the most challenging part of being a model?
The crazy schedule. It’s complicated to schedule anything in advance when you never know where you’ll be for work. A lot of things are last minute, so having good time management is crucial. 

What are some of the other biggest hurdles you have been faced with as a model and how did you overcome them?
I’ve had to teach myself a lot about being an entrepreneur and self-management. There is more that goes into being a model than showing up to set - there are contracts, LLCs, NDAs, and so many logistics to be educated about. Clients sometimes take months to pay models & payments are not consistent. Being disciplined with budgeting is so important. I’m very lucky to have my Dad, who taught me growing up to be smart with money. I also now have amazing agents at Bicoastal and Natural, that help me navigate all the logistics. 

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?
Something I would change about myself is to be more present in the moment. I mean this in two ways - When reacting to something or someone, I want to be objective about what is really important to me in that moment rather than letting my emotions get the best of me. I believe something can only stress me if I allow it to, so I need to choose to not stress over what I can not control. 

I also want to be more present when it comes to enjoying my time. I am always on the go, so it’s easy to get caught up in the “what’s next” mindset, but I need to remember to relax and appreciate what is in front of me. 

Who are some of your favourite photographers to work with?
My favorite photographer to work with is Madeline Thompson. Anytime she takes my photo, I know I’m going to love it. That girl knows what she’s doing, she always gets "THE SHOT" so quick. Plus we’re friends from our hometown, so it’s always a good time working together. 

What’s your most memorable shoot?
The Good Squad 2023 Campaign. Good American flew us to LA, where we thought we were having a callback casting, but instead, we walked into a full film set where they surprised us one at a time. It was even better to experience everything with such a great group of women. Good American’s team was lovely, they spoiled us for sure. We all felt so lucky to be there & have the opportunity to be a part of a campaign that was all about representation and inclusion. 

What do you consider your biggest professional success so far?
Seeing myself in Times Square. Definitely a bucket list moment. It’s very affirming to see yourself in such an iconic location next to well-known faces. It was my Good American campaign, 2 of the other models were with me to see it & we all agreed we expected it to feel more “unreal,” but it honestly felt like we were supposed to be seeing ourselves up there. It was such a fun moment. You’ll see me up there again for sure. 

Becoming a model really introduces one major condition into your life which is “Consistency”. Do you think this theory is accurate or not?
Yes, the schedule of a model can be hectic at times. You have to create routines that can continue from anywhere since travel is a big part of the job.

Is there any brand you would love to model for?
I would love to model for Pat McGrath! Beauty is my favorite media to photograph & Pat’s an icon. I would also love to model for Mirror Palais, their designs are so dreamy and feminine. 
Exclusive: An Insightful Interview with Fashion model Carly Childers Shot By Daria Valiguras.

What does the word “Women Empowerment“ mean to you? And how does it help women?
To me, “Women Empowerment,” means women having a strong sense of self-worth. It means empowering women to feel confident in themselves and their voices, no matter what room they’re in. Women who value themselves highly will compel others to do the same, which will increase the number of successful women in society.

How do you empower females through your work as a model?
I empower women by being authentic and uplifting. I hope that by being a positive presence and leading by example I can inspire people to do what makes them happy. I used to flip through magazines thinking seeing my picture would be such a dream and now I see myself when I walk into stores, anything can happen. I am so lucky to have grown up in a supportive family & love when I can be that person for others. 

What are your latest and upcoming projects?
My most recent project was a beauty campaign with Thrive Causemetics. They are a beauty brand that also donate proceeds & products to an array of organizations that support causes like cancer, domestic abuse, LGBTQ+, homelessness, under-resourced youth, racial & social injustice, veterans, and education. Their team was amazing to work with and it is extremely fulfilling to be a part of something so special! 
Exclusive: An Insightful Interview with Fashion model Carly Childers Shot By Daria Valiguras.

What are you doing when you are not working?
When I’m not working I’m probably outside. Everything is more enjoyable with fresh air and a view. 

What is your beauty regimen and how do you stay in shape?
As far as skincare, I try to use minimal & clean products. I like to try new products, but a few brands I find myself repurchasing are Winnow, Origins, & Miracle Buttercream. Sunscreen is also a must in my beauty routine. Yes, you should still use sunscreen if it’s cloudy. It’s always important to protect your skin. To stay in shape, I usually work out 3-4 days a week, but the main thing that keeps me in shape is walking. I love to walk in my neighborhood & I walk for all my errands, which makes a huge difference. 

Any last words you’d like to add.
Thank you for the opportunity to share my story and thoughts!
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