Exclusive: Tom Brady NFL Superstar Quarterback In A Collaborative Partnership With Eyewear Brand Christopher Cloos.

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NFL Superstar Tom Brady Launches 3 New Lenses for Christopher Cloos Collection and an upcoming launch in mid-June. The partnership between Cloos x Brady began in 2020. Brady’s tastes reflect an appreciation for classic menswear and his commitment to environmental issues.
Cloos x Brady Collection (First Collection)
According to Christopher Cloos- "It is with great honor that we are introducing our Cloos x Brady collection of biodegradable frames. With a unique eye for precision and an immense focus on health, Tom Brady wanted to bring his special attributes into the collection. The Cloos team and Brady quickly aligned on a fantastic piece of craftsmanship along with immeasurable attention to detail in both design and materials which brought this special frame to life".
Cloos x Brady - Original. Photography| Kevin OBrien
Eco-friendly eyewear is a relatively new concept, and most established brands still rely heavily on plastics and other synthetic materials. The Cloos x Brady collection is made from M49 Mazzucchelli, an Italian bioplastic composed of cellulose acetate that is 100% recyclable. According to the Center for Environmental Law, 99% of plastic is made using chemicals sourced from fossil fuels. Alternatives like M49, which is made using wood that is harvested according to the guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council and surpasses the  International Organization for Standardization's guidelines on biodegradable materials, reduces greenhouse emissions. For Brady, working with the team at Cloos, who have committed to making the brand's entire product lineup biodegradable, offered the kind of flexibility that leads to innovation.
The launches are inspired by some of Brady’s favorite places as well. The Cloos x Brady Hermosa, a classic broad rim frame with wire top-bar detailing, is named after the star’s favorite beach destination in Costa Rica. Cloos x Brady Pacifica collection, a two-tone pair with steel reinforcing, that nods to his childhood home in San Matteo.
Cloos x Brady - Hermosa Collection
After yet another title-winning season, Team Cloos and Tom Brady wanted to focus on the equally important aspect of performance - recharging. The Hermosa frame is a nod to Hermosa beach in Costa Rica, one of Tom's favorite off-season destinations. In true Cloos x Brady style, the frame is made from the world-renowned, 100 % eco-friendly, and biodegradable Mazzucchelli acetate.
Brady x Cloos - Pacifica. Photography|Eric Ray Davidson|@ericraydavidson 
Cloos x Brady - Pacifica Collection
Although a seven-time world champion and known for his performances on the big stage, Tom Brady has always been fond of his early roots in the Bay Area where his passion for football evolved. The Pacifica beach was his childhood beach, hence we wanted to dedicate this third addition to the Cloos x Brady collection to this beautiful beach. Made with 100 % eco-friendly and biodegradable Mazzucchelli acetate.
Brady x Cloos - Pacifica, Photography|Eric Ray Davidson|@ericraydavidson 
"Tom Brady's commitment to excellence on and off the field is inspiring. We are proud to partner with a true champion as we grow our presence in the United States and offer consumers an eyewear collection reflective of the qualities that give Tom and the Christopher Cloos brand an edge over the competition," said Julius Langkilde, CEO of Christopher Cloos. "During the collaborative design process, Tom expressed his desire to create a line that had added health and wellness benefits, both for individuals and the environment. We were able to bring his vision to life with frames made from biodegradable materials and blue light glasses that protect vision and sleep." 
We are however excited and looking forward to his next launch in the middle of June 2022.
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