Exclusive: Actress and TV Personality LeeAnne Locken On The Importance Of Feeling Empowered.

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LeeAnn Locken Covers Our Fall/Autumn 2022 Women Empowerment Issue, Lensed by Photographer Thomas Garza.
LeeAnne Locken was born in Pasadena, Texas, and raised by her grandparents in Houston, Texas.
She is a strong-spirited queen with a positive attitude and is no stranger to the spotlight. She grew up in the carnival circuit, landed in the Top 10 finalists of the 1989 Miss USA Pageant, appeared in several television shows and movies, and now leads the efforts for many charitable organizations in Dallas.
She developed her passion for acting when she lived in Los Angeles but she currently resides in Dallas, Texas where she continues to host television programs, make films and serve on the board of Women In Film in Dallas. LeeAnne is passionate about comedy and was thrilled to have one of her commercials chosen by the ABC Network as one of "America's Funniest Commercials".
We recently had a chat with LeeAnne and she is everything and more than we envisioned her to be. She uses her experiences to inspire others, her positivity shines through and she is living proof that we can do whatever we want if we set our minds to it. We are thrilled to have her on the Cover of our Fall/Autumn 2022 Women Empowerment issue.
Read her interview below.
Photographer|Thomas Garza
When did you realize you had a passion to become an Actress and how did you do it?
While I was modeling there were several times I was asked to be in commercials in non-speaking roles. I realized if I wanted to keep doing it I should learn the talent of acting.
When you look back to your journey from Modelling, Acting, and being featured in TV Land’s  ‘She's Got the Look, Big Rich Texas, and The Real Housewives of Dallas, what would you say has been your biggest achievement so far and What is the most rewarding part of your work?
Work has always solely been a way to make a living. People think I did it for fame but the truth is when it comes to my success I attach it to making an income not how much people recognize me. I’ve done Star Search, and Blockbuster Movies, and starred in Award-winning commercials but MARRIAGE is my biggest achievement, and maintaining a happy marriage is my life goal!
When acting, what kind of roles do you like or would like to play and why?
I LOVE comedic roles. If I can be goofy or make someone laugh, that is everything to me!
We noticed you are a huge lover of positive affirmations and this is something we resonate with. What is your own definition of happiness? How do you invite positive energy into your life and surroundings?
I have actually written 12 Affirmation books because I think affirmations can truly change your life if you practice them correctly. Affirmations take work and I am not sure everyone realizes that part.
My definition of happiness is HOPE. Without hope, it’s impossible to achieve anything.
This is my favorite question: In your own words, please define "Women Empowerment" and what it means to you personally.
Women's Empowerment is FREEDOM! Helping other women learn to stand strong enough to speak how they truly feel without remorse. To show them how to be FREE!!
You are an inspirational soul who loves using her experience to empower others, what are some of the biggest hurdles you have faced in life and how did you overcome them?
Self Esteem has always been my biggest hurdle! I have tons of self-confidence but the actual BELIEF in myself I work on every day. As a child survivor of emotional & sexual abuse and an adult survivor of domestic violence, I work daily on reminding myself of my AUTHENTIC VALUE!
What sort of message do you want to convey with your work and platform?
A message of POSITIVITY! That you can be whoever you chose! That you can live whatever life you want. You just have to know yourself DEEP INSIDE.
Photographer|Thomas Garza
What advice would you give to aspiring Actors|Actresses, and TV personalities out there?
First- make sure you want it for the RIGHT REASONS. Next- never stop learning and auditioning. Don’t think of each no as a failure but rather a lesson of learning. Never stop going!
If you could change one thing about the Entertainment industry, what would it be? What would you improve?
HUMANITY. The entertainment industry is based on individual opinions that can be as varying as colors in the rainbow. This is why it’s impossible to change. What one Casting Director thinks is perfect another may not like. Take every opportunity you can to find that one that like you!
Why is it so important for you to run a business or platform that empowers women?
Because I wish I had a powerful female role to look up to when I was a child. Someone who could have told me about shortcuts or how the world really worked. It could have saved me a lot of heartache thinking it was me. Being that for others, saving their heartache, THAT MATTERS TO ME!
How do you think you empower women through your work?
By example! I believe the fastest way to learn and really en-grain something into your brain is by example. If I can do… SO CAN YOU!
What are some of your latest and Upcoming projects?
I am currently working on Eternal Travel Magazine, a new travel TV show, and several non-profit events for a few different non-profit organizations. I am loving working on Eternal Traveler Magazine and all the incredible places we have gone to. I am also excited to have a section that highlights other travel influencers. I want to show my audience the world and the exciting opportunities that await them.
You also have quite the fashion sense on the regular, how would you describe your personal style? Also, could you tell us more about one of your previous projects "The Infinity Dress", I find the fact that it can be worn in various ways fascinating. What was the inspiration behind this?
I honestly dress by emotion. There are days when I am a total girly girl in skirts and dresses and then there are days when I want to feel powerful in high heels and fitted suits. I created the L’Infinity dress about 10 years ago but was able to actually put all the pieces together during the filming of RHOD. I wanted to create a piece of clothing that a woman could wear multiple times in multiple ways. I am currently working on restructuring the dress for a new avenue. It’s all very exciting!
How has your life changed and what has the response been like for you since being cast on the Reality TV Show RHOD?
Bravo Network certainly allowed my audience size to EXPAND. If I hadn’t been on RHOD I don’t think I would have the over 1 million audiences I have on Instagram.  I loved the RHOD audience and still do. I really enjoy it when I’m out and they stop me to say hi! It makes my heart smile.
Do you remember your first experience as an Actress in front the Camera?
Honestly, I don’t. I have been in front of the camera for almost 40 years. Most of it has been the time of my life. I love working! And I am grateful for some truly amazing roles that I have been in.
How big a role does Acting and Reality TV play in your life?
As far as a job, a lot. As far as affecting my personal life, zero. I am grateful my grandmother instilled in me a powerful foundation in God that allows me to remain my authentic self.
Where do you see yourself and your career 5 years from now?
Running several successful businesses and continuing to grow Eternal Traveler Magazine. I get so inspired when I travel and I hope it inspires others to travel as well!
Photographer|Thomas Garza
What is the most embarrassing or unexpected thing that has happened to you when filming either on a Movie set or Reality TV?
Embarrassing things happen to me ALL THE TIME! Tripping on the red carpet is one I am truly good at, LOL. I love when embarrassing moments happen. It’s like God reminding me of who is REALLY in charge! 
What has been your favorite campaign or project to date?
I don’t know if I have had it yet! I still want to travel the world and have adventures in Italy, and Dubai, and of course, I want to see if I can learn a few new dance moves in Ibiza! If I had to choose one to date- It would be my award-winning commercial that ABC Network chose for their show America’s Funniest Commercials.
What Would You Consider the Most Important Components of Your Style? And Do You Feel You Have A Signature Style?
I hope I don’t have a signature style. Reinventing myself through my style is one of the most energizing things I love to do. At every event, I try to create a new persona in my wardrobe. I guess that's the girly girl in me.
What, Who or where do you draw your inspiration from?
From my grandmother's bible. From my fur babies. From nature. “Turn over a rock and I am there.” God is always speaking to me and I am smart enough to listen.
What’s on your mind these days? Could you provide us with some more insight into the other endeavors you are passionate about? 
TRAVEL! TRAVEL! TRAVEL! I have got the bug for it! I want to keep traveling while working on all my projects. I am constantly fielding new scripts that come my way and continuing to create spaces to LAUGH! Laughter truly makes the world go round!
If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self?
What’s your beauty regime? Would you like to share some of your best beauty secrets?
I am a dedicated believer in washing my face morning and night! With a gentle non-foaming cleanser and a gentle brush. I wear sunscreen religiously. Other than that, I let the nurses and doctors take care of it!
Luck or Hard Work, what do you think weighs more in defining a successful Person?
HARD WORK! Luck only happens after you have done the hard work to put yourself in a position to be LUCKY! If luck comes by and you are not ready… you won’t be lucky!
What is your all-time favorite movie and why?
I don’t really have just ONE! I love movies that allow you to dream and become more of who you dream to be. I love inspirational movies that encourage us to BE MORE and DO MORE!
Any last words you’d like to add?
Learn to love yourself. After that, everything becomes much easier!
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