Lifestyle: 10 Amazing Reasons You Should Love Yourself Everyday and How It Would Change Your Life.

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When writing an article, we try to make them as personal as possible so you know it's written by humans with hearts and not robots, especially when it's an intimate topic such as this.

What is Self-Love?
Self-love is not something you can just go out and acquire. It's always been there and it never left. It's been waiting for you to deal with the issues and come back home, Self-love is in fact the greatest story you have ever told.
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Self-love is having regard for your own well-being and happiness, and being kind to yourself, on purpose, especially during hard times, and also when it's easy. It's taking care of your mental and physical health even though it's hard sometimes. It's about making hard decisions that are best for yourself even if there is an easier option you just have to take that harder route.
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Self-love is being gentle with yourself when you don't meet those expectations and people try to put you down, and make you feel like you are not good enough, as long as you feel good about yourself- their thoughts and opinions don't count.

Lastly, Self-love is about respecting your journey instead of hating it or expecting that it should be different.
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Reasons you should Love yourself before loving others.

1. You are able to set your own boundaries.
2. You know you have an identity.
3. You don't need other people to provide love because you have all the love you need.
4. You know you are Enough.
5. You don't need to please anyone.
6. You do not need to settle for unfulfilling friendships and relationships.
7. You get to know who your real friends are.
8. You start living for a greater purpose.
9. You are able to fulfill your roles better.
10. You are loved for who you really are.
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Loving and accepting yourself is the most effective way to create long-term change in your life. Self-love helps us see our own potential, allows us to forgive ourselves when we take a step backward, and eliminates the shame spiral that so often lands us right back where we started. Loving yourself allows you to make peace with the past. Loving yourself gives others permission to love themselves.

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