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Often times, rich people enjoy small cocktail parties with their friends in order to have some fun-filled moments in life that can give relief from their regular stress of life. They may throw these parties at their homes, clubs or any bar where these professionals can have a really wonderful fun together. The decorations of these small cocktail party venues need to induce cheer among the guests that will help to uplift their party moods. So, it is better for the hosts to take care of the venue decor and may hire efficient professionals for this serving this purpose.

Main Facts to Be Noted Regarding the Decors of Small Cocktail Party Venues
Suitable party furniture: Like all parties, the party venue should contain sufficient numbers of tables and chairs where the guests can rest whenever they would want to. The placements of comfortable seats are also essential for the aged guests that may not like to stand for long in the party. However, the furniture used in the small cocktail party venues should be attractive in shapes and colors to match the lively mood of the parties.
Party decor items: It is best if the surrounding decor of the party is made to be exclusive and thoughtful, which should be different from the usual party decor with only paper streams, balloons, and small plastic decor items. Hence, the small cocktail party venues should be decorated according to the themes of the parties, if any decided. Otherwise, the professional decorators should use artistic items of suitable colors for impressing the guests. The use of various funny images or objects may be a good idea for party decor, mainly for the parties of the youngsters. The door hangings, flowers on attractive vases and other kinds of embellishments serve as brilliant party decor items for welcoming the guests in style.

Lighting arrangements: The lighting is a vital feature of any party decor and the decorators often make use of the bright colorful lights for adding more colors to the party decor. Some people like the idea of candlelit dinners and may prefer to light the small cocktail party venues with the candles of different interesting shapes and sizes. These candles can be placed inside colorful shades that help in emitting somewhat colored lights and create a dreamy ambiance in the party venues. However, the placements of the candles should be more in the food corners and on the tables set for the guests; while the dance floors should have the minimum number of candles.  Most of the people like to see the disco lights for making the dance floors more amusing, as different kinds of these disco light lamps are now available.
Color scheme used: When too many colored decor items or colorful lights are used in a party, it is best to keep the background in a neutral color; for which beige, white or light brown are usually considered the best ones. If any party theme is adopted, then the definite colors of that theme should be used throughout the place and usually cheerful or funny themes are mostly chosen for the small cocktail party venues. The existing lights may be wrapped with the theme colored transparent papers, to increase the desired effect of the theme in the party. Even the guests also appear in the specific theme colored dresses, if prior informed about the color preference in the party.
However, the small cocktail party venues should bear the necessary arrangements for supplying plenty of cocktail drinks of various flavors, along with mouth-watering snacks for the guests. The glassware for serving the drinks in these parties should be of interesting shapes and colors, for cheering up the jovial guests. The similar rule is also followed in case of the dinnerware used for serving the foods to the invited guests of these parties.
So, those were some of the vital tips you can keep in your mind while organizing a small cocktail party venue.

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